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Medication Policies and Procedures -

For a complete listing of all policies and procedures, please click on the following link: UPHSM Policies and Procedures
Formulary System of Drug Use
Controlled Drugs
Hazardous Medication Management
Safe Medication Practices (with abbreviation and look-alike/sound-alike medication lists)
Medication Errors and Adverse Drug Events
Medication Reconciliation
Medications Brought from Home 
High-Alert Medication Guidelines
As defined by The Joint Commission (TJC), a safe medication management system addresses an organization’s medication processes, which includes the following:
- Planning
- Selection and procurement
- Storage
- Ordering
- Preparing and dispensing
- Administration
- Monitoring
- Evaluation


Additionally, TJC requires identification and written processes for handling high-alert, hazardous, and look-alike/sound alike medications.  For further information on the Medication Management chapter, please click here.