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Adult Psychiatric Unit

Life can be overwhelming...... and coping with the demands that life makes, good or bad, requires that we be up for the challenge, at all times.  Mental illness can leave a person without the resources needed to face life on life's terms.  We can HELP!
Feeling like the earth beneath you is giving way?  We can help you find steady ground.
Secure and attractive environment with therapy and activities designed to address the problems and challenges that may be preventing you from realizing your true potential.
We provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan.  Prior to discharge, a plan will be developed to maximize the opportunity for continued growth and success, outside of the hospital.  We welcome the involvement of family or other professionals. -
The Adult Psychiatric Unit is a 32-bed unit providing specialized care to patients over the age of 18 who are experiencing an acute episode of mental illness. 
Adult Psychiatric Unit

Services provided include pharmacotherapy, individual psychotherapy, occupational therapy electroconvulsive therapy, educational activities, individual/group nursing activities, recreational therapy, and family counseling.
The following professionals are ready to assist you:
* Psychiatrists * Nurses
* Social Workers * Occupational Therapists Specialists
* Physicians * Substance Abuse Specialists
* Psychologists * And many other medical specialists
For referral, call (906) 225-4690 or 1-800-562-9753, ext. 4690.