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Diagnostic/Imaging Tools - Radiation Oncology

UP Health System - Marquette has the latest technology in cancer detection equipment.  Please click here to learn more.
Imaging Services at MGHS
Imaging Services - 906-225-3540
UP Health System - Marquette provides the most comprehensive breast diagnostic and treatment services in the Upper Peninsula, including breast MRI and MRI-guided biopsy, along with same-day ultrasound-guided breast biopsies for patients with palpable lumps.

Imaging Services

UP Health System - Marquette is one of a handful of hospitals in the nation to have some of the most advanced imaging technologies under one roof. Just as important as the technologies is the expertise of the radiologists who interpret the images and provide specialized treatments. It's very uncommon to have so many advanced technologies available at a single hospital.
At UP Health System - Marquette, two MRI scanners make it possible to accommodate patients evenings, weekends, and in situations when same-day imaging may save the patient an extra trip or an overnight stay in Marquette. MRI capabilities include brain, spinal cord, cardiac and musculoskeletal imaging. UP Health System - Marquette is the only hospital in the Upper Peninsula to offer multi-dimensional breast imaging with on-site interpretation and MRI-guided breast biopsy.
An on-site PET/CT scanner is used for cancer, cardiac and neurological imaging. Unlike other imaging methods, the PET/CT scanner reveals how cells and structures function, rather than how they look. PET/CT has changed the course of treatment for many cancer patients throughout the region.
The most current CT scanning technology at Marquette General includes two CT scanners with dual source imaging. Providing capabilities in advanced vascular imaging and intervention; cardiac imaging; interventional imaging and treatment; and trauma imaging, these scanners are changing the way patients receive care. The most current CT software, along with the expertise of the physicians, provides patients with significant advantages in both diagnostics and treatment.