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Radiation Oncology - Equipment

  • 1 VarianTrueBeam Linear Accelerators (2nd in Michigan)
o   Capable of using real time Gating technology
o   IMRT and RapidArc  treatments
o   ConeBeam CT
o   Electronic Portal Imaging and X-ray Imaging
o   120 Multi- Leaf collimators
o   Highest precision 
  • 1 Varian 2100C Linear Accelerator
o   IMRT currently
o   And in Summer 2012 with added
§  ConeBeam CT
§  Electronic Portal Imaging
§  120 Multi- Leaf collimators
§  RapidArc in summer
  • 1 Tosihiba Large Bore CT simulator (largest in Michigan) with gating capabilities
  • Cone beam CT
  • On Board Imaging
  •  Eclipse Treatment Planning Systems
  • ARIA Electronic Oncology Management System
  • Cesium-137 Bracytherapy
  • BrainLab Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Radiotherapy
  • GE Superfical X-ray machine for skin cancer
  • AlignRT surface imaging for advance setup accuracy