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UP Health System - Marquette Hematology Oncology 

A Service of UP Health System - Marquette
1414 West Fair Avenue, Suite 332, Marquette, Michigan 49855
(906) 225-3922 / 1-800-562-9753 ext. 3922 FAX (906) 225-4527
UP Health System - Marquette Hematology Oncology
Phone - 906-225-3922
Monday through Thursday 8 am to 5 pm
Friday 8 am to 3 pm
24 hour on call coverage for emergencies
(available thru UPHS switchboard) call
906-228-9440 or 1-800-562-9753
UP Health System - Marquette Hematology Oncology, a service of UP Health System - Marquette, is an outpatient clinic based in Marquette, Michigan. Beginning with a team of highly qualified physicians together with outstanding professional and technical/support staff, excellent oncologic and hematologic care is available to patients in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
The physicians utilize state of the art national cancer clinical trials in their treatment regimens giving patients the opportunity to receive the most up to date therapy in the country.
The physicians work together with the patient’s community physicians to ensure that the patient’s needs are met and throughout their duration of treatment, the patients are followed and monitored by a team of experts.
A multidisciplinary approach to providing care for the patients receiving services at UP Health System - Marquette Hematology Oncology Clinic in Marquette is essential and is utilized in order to attain the best possible treatment plans and health outcomes for the patients served.


physicians work together with the patient’s

  multidisciplinary approach to providing care
comfortable environment
  RNs who administer chemotherapy

Main Entrance



Compassionate staff members strive to provide patient centered care and assist the patients in their understanding of their therapy regimen by providing extensive education and reinforcement as needed.
The clinic is designed to provide the patients with a comfortable environment with special attention to delivery of personalized care while maintaining the patient’s sense of dignity and promoting their psychological well-being.
The clinic contains an ambulatory infusion suite staffed by chemo certified RNs who administer chemotherapy and other supportive IV infusions and injections. For patient convenience, a phlebotomy room staffed with a phlebotomist is located within the infusion suite to facilitate blood draws. A private patient room is also contained within the suite. Ten exam rooms, a minor procedure room and a counseling room comprise the remainder of the patient care areas. The counseling room is utilized by a health psychiatrist in the treatment of patients who wish to discuss any coping issues related to their disease process.

The UP Health System - Marquette Hematology Oncology Clinic is located at the Peninsula Medical Center, 1414 West Fair Ave. Suite 332 in Marquette Michigan .
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The Marquette clinic is affiliated with four other main clinics located in outlying communities throughout the Upper Peninsula.

Provider Locations
UP Health System - Marquette Hematology Oncology - Copper Country
500 Campus Drive, Suite 4
Hancock, MI
Telephone: 906-483-1730
Clinic location: Baraga
UP Health System - Marquette Hematology Oncology- North Country
1711 S. Stephenson Ave. Suite 315
Iron Mountain, MI
Telephone: 906-774-6257
Clinic location: Iron River
* Referrals to Home Health, Supportive Care and physicians in a variety of specialties.
* Consultations, follow-up visits and second opinions
* Lab service available
* Outpatient chemotherapy services
* Symptom management
* Participation in a variety of national cancer research programs and clinical trials.
* Minor outpatient procedures
(bone marrow biopsies, lumbar punctures, paracentesis, etc.).
* Behavioral Health and Hospice Services.
* Comprehensive hematological/oncological examinations and appropriate diagnostic studies.
Accreditation by Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations of UP Health System - Marquette is not intended to represent accreditation of UP Health System - Marquette Hematology Oncology.