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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Marquette and Alger County Protocols
Here are the new or revised protocols for February 1, 2015.  These protocols will be integrated with the older protocols and procedures and this entire page will look different as soon as time to allows for that to occur.  Thank you for your patience.

Please review the spinal training program and for paramedics the MI-MEDIC cards. Providers working in Marquette and Alger County must have the new protocol answer sheet submitted to the Medical Control Office by February 1 in order to retain privileges. Note ​only answer sheets will be accepted, not the entire test. They may be faxed (225-3038), mailed (420 West Magnetic Marquette MI 49855), or scanned and emailed (

Protocols and Procedures:

Training and reference:

2015 Protocol and Procedure Test (please forward only answer sheet to MCA Office)

Please look up the answers in the protocols and procedures if you have any hesitation on what the correct answer is.  Your answer sheets are kept on file as a way to show individual competency.  The more incorrect answers, the more it reflects that you need remediation from either your agency and/or our medical director.  

Additionally, this entire process is to test individual knowledge and ability to find answers while overviewing all protocols and procedures.  Please adhere to ethical test taking principals by completing the test on your own. Thereafter, group processing, agency leadership meetings and further collective education is encouraged.


 October 2013 Protocols & Procedures

Folder: October 2013 Protocols and Procedures INDIVIDUAL PDFS
2013 synopsis of changes.pdf
October 2013 protocol test version 1.pdf
Section 1 Adult Treatment Packet.pdf
Section 2 Adult Cardiac Packet.pdf
Section 3 Pediatric Treatment Packet.pdf
Section 4 Pediatric Cardiac Packet.pdf
Section 5 Procedures Packet.pdf
Section 6 System Packet.pdf
Section 7 CBRNE Packet.pdf