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Where to Go and Maps          
Parking -
The parking deck is attached to the skywalk and the North Wing at Level 3 which is reserved for patients.  However, if Level 3 is full, you may use Levels 2-6 and access Level 3 via elevators or stairwells.
Hospital Buildings - Where to go -
You no longer need to stop at the Admitting Department.  Go directly to the Outpatient Surgery Department which is located on the 5th floor of the South Wing.  There are wheelchairs located at the entrances and please ask any UP Health System - Marquette employee/volunteer if you need further assistance.
Phone Calls -
To assist in your admission process, a nurse will attempt to contact you the day prior to your surgery.  If you do not receive a phone call and/or if it is more convenient for you to call us, please do so 1-2 days prior to your scheduled day.