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Surgical Services


When the decision has been made that surgery is needed, UP Health System - Marquette's Surgical Services offers the greatest variety of surgical procedures in the Upper Peninsula.
Each of the ten operating room suites provides state of the art technology for a wide array of surgical procedures. 
Over 40 board certified surgeons are on staff with specialties including vascular, neurosurgery, OB/GYN, orthopedics, spinal, urology (including lithotripsy), eye, ear, nose and throat, plastic general, and open heart surgery.
To prevent health care errors, patients are urged to.........Speak UP

Surgical Services Tour -
On the tour you will meet some of the people that will take care of you and see some of the areas that you will visit.
Surgical Services


Over 9,000 surgical procedures are performed each year.  Due to newer techniques available such as laser and endoscopic surgery, many procedures can be done on an outpatient basis.  A convenient place for Pre-Admission Testing is the UP Health System - Marquette Lat/Testing Center at the Peninsula Medical Center, 1414 W. Fair Ave., Suite 136. This allows the patient to go home on the same day.  Approximately half of the surgeries performed at UP Health System - Marquette are done on an outpatient basis.


Every department at UP Health System - Marquette is continuously improving services with patients' needs in mind.  UP Health System - Marquette Surgical Services strives to bring to the Upper Peninsula the latest technology and highly trained staff to make the surgical experience the best available for the patient.
UP Health System - Marquette, 580 W College Ave, Marquette MI 49855