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Preparing for Surgery/General Surgery Prep/Pre-Op Instructions

Insurance Pre-Authorization
Please do in advance of scheduled surgery if needed.
Consent Forms
Separate forms are required for admission to the hospital, your surgery and anesthesia.
The consent forms are to be signed by patients 18 or older, otherwise by a parent or guardian.
If a guardian is signing, a copy of the legal guardianship papers must be brought to the hospital.
Pre-Admission Testing (PAT)
Your physician may order lab work, EKG or X-rays to be done in preparation for your surgery.
These tests maybe done at the Peninsula Medical Center, Marquette General Hospital or your community hospital or doctor's office.
Please have the testing done at least three (3) days prior to surgery.
If you have your pre-op tests done at your community hospital, instruct them to send copies to the Advanced Registration and Education Department at Marquette General Health System.
Pre-op Preps
If your surgery requires a bowel prep or a cleaning scrub or shower, these instructions will be given by your physician's office.
Arrival Time
You must call the Advance Registration and Education (ARE) Department at 225-3290 or 1-800-562-9753 ext. 3290, after 3 p.m. the day before your surgery is scheduled. Call Friday afternoon if your surgery is scheduled for Monday.
If staying in Marquette, please call ARE and give a number where you can be reached the night before surgery in case of a change in the Operating Room schedule.
Special Needs
Wheelchairs are available at all entrances to the hospital.
If crutches are required after surgery, it is your responsibility to bring them with you. The hospital does not supply crutches.
Care at Home After Surgery
You will need a responsible adult to escort you from the Outpatient Surgery Unit and drive you home.
You will also need assistance at home for the first 24 hours after your discharge from the Outpatient Surgery Unit.