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What to Bring to the Hospital

Please bring any medication in its labeled pharmacy container.

Crutches, walker, or any other type of aid you may need at the hospital.

Wear comfortable clothing that you can also wear after surgery.

Children may want to bring a favorite toy or blanket (Sometimes adults do also).

If you will be spending the night after surgery, bring one small suitcase with personal care items.

Discharge Instructions

You will be given a written copy of Home Care instructions for your surgery.

You are not to drive, drink alcoholic beverages or make important decisions for 24 hours after surgery.

You will need a responsible adult to drive you home. A responsible adult will have to
stay with you for 24 hours after surgery.

Rest is important. Don't make plans or appointments for 2-3 days after surgery. You may not feel like doing anything except resting.

Don't wait until pain is out of control to take medication. The pain medication will be more effective if taken when the pain starts.


Where is the cafeteria?

When leaving Outpatient Surgery, take the public elevators to the ground floor and it will be on the right.

How do I find the Pharmacy?

When leaving Outpatient Surgery, take the public elevators to the third floor and turn to the right.

Can I go into the O.R. with my child?

Family members are not allowed in the operating rooms. The OR. is considered a sterile area; visitors are not allowed.

Can 1 go into the Recovery Room (PACU) with my child?

To protect the privacy of other patients, visitors are not allowed in the Recovery Room.