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Family Visits

Families of patients throughout the region can utilize the telehealth technologies to connect with their loved ones from a distance. Videoconferencing provides a mechanism for families that cannot visit their loved ones while they are hospitalized related to weather, work, or distance.
Patients and families who have taken advantage of this technology include; patients in neutropenic precautions with young children who could not physically enter the rooms, patients who have been hospitalized for a long period of time who need/want to talk with their local support system some distance away, babies who are transferred to the NICU while mother recovers at a distant location, precious goodbyes to those patients facing their end of life, and hospitalized patients waiting to be part of a significant family event.
If you are interested in more information about utilizing telehealth technologies call 906-225-3018.
Or you can discuss this with the social workers, discharge planners, or nurses caring for your loved one.