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Meet the Newest Additions to the Family Birthing Center
Baby pictures should be posted within 4 days after the picture was taken.
**** Baby pictures will be only be active for 2 months after birthday ****



Special Notation
Not all newborns delivered at Marquette General Hospital are posted on this website. If you do not find the photo you are looking for, the following may have occurred:
1) The parent(s) may not have signed a permission slip indicating they wished to have the baby's photo placed on our website.
2) There is the possibility that due to occurrences surrounding the birth, the photo was not taken for the website. Our first priority is to provide great care to our new moms and their babies, and sometimes in doing that, the photo opportunity is missed.  If this has happened, please accept our sincere apologies!
If you are planning to deliver at Marquette General and would like to have your baby's photo placed on the website for distant relatives, please ask your nurse (when you are here for delivery) for the consent form, sign it (check the right box too!), and ask the nurse to take the photo. Remember to bring a special outfit for your baby and a blanket that you would like to use for the background (darker background colors look best).
Any questions or comments please e-mail