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Prenatal and Parenting Programs




Prenatal Programs

Family Birthing Center Tour: Parents receive valuable prenatal information, an introduction to the Women’s & Children’s Center Birth and Parenting programs, a tour of the Family Birthing Center, Community Resources, gifts and prizes.

Childbirth Preparation: Expectant parents will become familiar with the physical and emotional aspects of birth through a combination of presentations, discussions, demonstrations, and practice. Parents may choose from a 3-week series or a 1-day session and are urged to call early to register for a class near their due date. Cost is $50 and includes a textbook and all prenatal classes except CPR.

Breastfeeding Class: This class offers helpful information and techniques to promote successful feeding and also ways to help make it a part of your lifestyle. Cost: $10 or free with Childbirth Preparation registration.

Dads 101: While moms attend the Breastfeeding Class, dads will meet to discuss their role as a coach, what to expect during labor, how to provide support to mom, and manage the first few weeks at home with a newborn--- all from a dads perspective! Cost: $10 or free with childbirth preparation or breastfeeding class registration.

Little Steps: Expectant and new parents will acquire helpful skills to care for their newborn. Parents will learn about newborn characteristics and care, development, understanding cues, calming a crying baby, importance of play, as well as numerous other topics. A pediatrician will do a short visit to answer your questions as well. Cost: $10 or free with Childbirth Preparation registration.

Sibling Silly: Children (ages 3-8) will learn what new babies do, how to help mom and dad, their role as a  big brother or sister, and become familiar with the Family Birthing Center. They will practice safe ways to hold and care for a baby and also how to change diapers! Cost: $10 or free with Childbirth Preparation registration.

Parenting Programs

Family & Friends CPR (Infant/Child):  This class is ideal for parents, grandparents, and those (12 and over) interested in learning this technique. Participants will not receive certification. Cost: $15 per person/ $25 per couple.

Parallel Parenting: This 3-week class is designed for parents who are separated, divorced, or never married. Parents will learn to parent their child effectively, doing the best job they can during the time they are with their child. They will learn to successfully parent alongside one another, while helping their child thrive. Call to register.
Baby Food Making: Explore the benefits and simple techniques of making your own baby food. You will also learn about infant nutrition, foods to avoid and tips for introducing foods. You'll be able to sample some of the recipes and go home with recipes to try yourself. The class is intended for any expectant parent, caregiver, or parent of an infant.
Supporting Breastfeeding in Child Care: This class teaches both childcare providers and parents who will be using childcare, about the importance of breastfeeding, guidelines for handling and storage, feeding the child, and ways for providers to support breastfeeding families.
Breastfeeding Mother's Group: Meet to discuss the joys and challenges of breastfeeding with other breastfeeding mothers. A peer specialist from the WIC program will be in attendance at each group session. This meets at the UPCM on the second and 4th Friday of the month. Call 475-4686 for more information.
Parents of Multiples
This group meets monthly to offer support and get some much needed time for yourself.Flyer

Family Birthing Center and Women’s & Children’s Center
Support Services
BlOOM: A special Wellness program for moms who are 6 weeks to 1 year postpartum. Join us for 8 weeks of learning, nutrition, fitness, and fun! Devote one hour a week just for you! 5 sessions: Mindful Eating with Dr. Erica Griffin; 3 sessions: Nutrition with Sherri Rule, RD, CSSD, IC; All sessions: Exercise with Meagan Hennekens, Certified Group Exercise Instructor. Babies are welcome at all sessions. Daycare is also available.Classes held at the YMCA. For program dates, times and to register, call the Women's & Children's Center. Fee: $50 and includes th ebook, "Baby Weight" by Micky Morrison, PT, ICPFE
Breastfeeding One on One: You and your newborn are invited to this informal one to one session. A certified lactation consultant will offer helpful information and support to new moms as they learn the art of successful breastfeeding. Fee: $10 per session. Call to set up an appointment.

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