We can help… The UP Health System - Marquette Family Birthing Maternal Emotional Support Program is committed to helping new mothers and offers a variety of services to identify risk factors and provide support both in the hospital and after you go home.

In the Hospital- New mothers who deliver a baby at the Family Birthing Center at the Hospital complete a Postpartum Depression Risk Assessment before going home. A program staff member may evaluate mothers in the hospital if they are at high-risk for this illness. Postpartum Depression is highly treatable, and we want to ensure that no woman leaves the hospital without the support, education and follow-up care she needs.

After You Go Home- The Family Birthing Centers Maternal Emotional Support Program services extend well beyond the hospital stay. The program provides ongoing educational opportunities in community childbirth education classes, with local agencies such as WIC as well as serve as a resource for physician referrals and information queries.  Our web site provides ongoing information about the program activities throughout the  year and links to other resources available to the community.


New Moms- In the past week have you:

- Been unable to laugh
- Don't look forward to
  things you enjoy doing
- Blame yourself
- Are anxious or worry a lot
- Felt scared or panicky
- Things feel overwhelming
- Unable to sleep
- Felt sad or miserable
- Been unhappy and crying
- Had thoughts of harming
  yourself or your baby

If you answer YES to more than two of the above, you may have Postpartum Depression. Only a qualified health care professional can help diagnose you.

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